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Downloaded from the network and listening in free internet radio home will influence the future programming of musical that seem stuck in the past. Some still use the same formula since its inception almost years ago as is the case of the major station radio pioneer in Spain who was born on July, formula. This station offers much more information, multimedia resources and interactive possibilities in its on version line not on issue for air. But the Internet is also a paradise for exchanges of music files and movies.

Yes that the MP compression format was unveiled following the birth of the famous Napster millions people worldwide have used exchange programs files. The peer to peer phenomenon that worries both the recording industry and the authors has allowed anyone to access millions of compositions without cost and any anyone to distribute their own compositions through internet. Obviously, this phenomenon has affected the recording industry considers this form to act as piracy internet radio app and ensures that the decline suffered in sales of Ads They will make the record stop betting on new authors and authors can not live his music.

 PP file sharing phenomenon of music now have to add stores music online that could solve the problem of copyright and lower the complaints of record. This phenomenon in the United States and work has internet radio app come this fall to Europe. Stores online music have been slow to enter the European continent because of negotiations with protection societies copyright European who have I had to fm radio tamil agree on the fee charged to these shops. The first Store in internet radio app land has been the popular Apple I-Tunes. I-Tunes I am having a volume of spectacular business in the US, partly thanks to MP players, the IPod, trust that in the coming months Europeans are accustomed to paying euros downloading a song from its online store.

 But that remains to be seen. For now, through the network, music piracy puts Spain in the rd position in the European ranking as skip concerning copyright. From Indeed, this serious problem has caused the Spanish government has taken action. From It has imposed a controversial moment in the CD's canon virgins whose funds are intended to the. But not all have to be negative in the relationship of music, and internet. Some radios on line, having no commercial objectives, can afford the program and discover new music and free internet radio serve as a platform for new artists. In the same way, the network has made it possible for artists who would hardly have agreed to a record They were able to get their music.